Choosing A Learning System

Virtual Learning has become the new normal…Covid Pandemic Has disrupted many schools Learning programs and have forced school
managements to Act and look for solutions for learning.

We have compiled a Guidleine that could be used by school Decision makers To Choose a Learning management system (LMS). Here weGO!!

1 What Features are offered By the Learning system? :
When shopping for an LMS its important to understand the functions that wil be Provided and how they will match with your school
needs.They range from : Video conference ability to Material and content management ,and Assessment features . It is important for
the school to be clear on what they want.

  1. Ease of Use
    systems can be as simple and very complicated ..Review with a team members and ask for Trial period from the service providers to get feedback from Teachers and students on their usage experience .
  2. Support & Training
    Explore on how the service provider aims to Support and train the Users, Its a plus if they have referals from other similar
    schools. find out if there are additional service cost for support and training
  3. Pricing Terms
    Will the school Budget allow such a Cost , what terms of payment do they Propose, will there be annual subscriptions or one o! cost?
  4. After Sale offers
    What offer does the service provider offers after the sale , are there extra customization , Integration to other school systems available e.t.c
    there are many solution providers in the market it is up-to the school to evaluate and select the providers that matches their needs

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