Soma CBC Assesment App

Revolutionary cloud-based software
for Primary schools In Kenya.
Making Assesment work  Fluid for teachers in schools.

CBC Assesment App

All in One App

Our app covers all Assesment Aspect From PP1 to Grade 7 guided by  KICD curriculum Design Guide. Our App offers Easy assessment for your Teachers in your school and creation of custom beautiful student Records , with complete safety and Backup.

Reporting Tools

Our Assesment App has been Made Carefully To aid the Teacher/Facilitator In Easy assesment of students Per Learning Areas.

Track Assesment Progress

Our app Assist school Leadership To Track the Assessment Progress of Teachers/Facilitators and students Records In school

Parental Engagement

Reports Can Be Sent To parents at any Point during The Learning Term

Track student Learning Progress

Making Assesment Meaningful

Training and support Offered

Pricing Per student per Year

Flexible Payment Terms

On site Team Setup and Training

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