Why Somaskill’s Online Revision App Aligns Perfectly with the CBC Curriculum

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, equipping primary school students in Kenya with essential digital literacy skills is crucial, especially in the context of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). Somaskill, an innovative online revision portal app, is uniquely positioned to support students as they navigate the CBC curriculum. Here are three compelling reasons why students should choose Somaskill for online revision:


  1. CBC-Centric Learning: Somaskill is purpose-built to complement the CBC curriculum. The platform offers a comprehensive repository of study materials, practice exercises, and engaging educational content that directly align with the CBC guidelines. This tailored approach empowers students to excel within the framework of the CBC, ensuring they meet the curriculum’s requirements effectively.
  2. Interactive and Engaging: The CBC curriculum places a strong emphasis on interactive and engaging learning experiences, and Somaskill is designed with this in mind. The platform boasts interactive quizzes, animated lessons, and gamified revision exercises that captivate young learners, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. This approach not only fosters a deeper understanding of the CBC curriculum but also instills a lifelong love for learning.
  3. Accessibility and Convenience: Somaskill simplifies the online revision process for students across Kenya. With the increasing availability of internet connectivity and the affordability of digital devices, Somaskill ensures that students and parents can easily access its high-quality revision materials. This accessibility breaks down geographical barriers, promoting inclusivity and connectivity within the CBC education system.

In conclusion, Somaskill is not just an online revision portal app; it’s a digital companion perfectly aligned with the Competency-Based Curriculum. It empowers students to engage deeply with the CBC curriculum, offering interactive and engaging content that makes learning enjoyable. . It’s the ideal partner for young learners on their CBC educational journey.

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